How Do You Clean A Super Messy Apartment?

30September 2023

So you’ve found yourself in the midst of a super messy apartment, overwhelmed by clutter and chaos. Fear not, for with a little determination and the right approach, you can transform your space into a clean and organized oasis. In this article, we’ll provide you with practical tips and strategies to tackle even the most daunting cleaning tasks, helping you regain control of your living environment and restore a sense of calm and serenity. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get cleaning!

How Do You Clean A Super Messy Apartment?


Before diving into the task of cleaning a super messy apartment, it’s important to gather all the necessary cleaning supplies. Make sure to have cleaning solutions, scrub brushes, microfiber cloths, gloves, a vacuum cleaner, a mop, and any other tools you may need for specific cleaning tasks.

Creating a cleaning schedule can help keep you organized and ensure that you’re tackling all the necessary tasks. Break down your cleaning schedule into manageable chunks, whether it’s by room or by task. This will help you stay focused and avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Lastly, put on some protective gear before you begin cleaning. Gloves will protect your hands from harsh chemicals, while a mask and goggles can help protect you from any dust or allergens that may be in the air.


Before you can truly clean your apartment, you’ll need to tackle the clutter that may be in your way. Start with a plan by identifying the areas that need the most attention. It may be helpful to break down your decluttering into categories, such as clothes, books, and miscellaneous items. This will make the process feel more manageable.

Once you have your categories, begin organizing the clutter into separate piles. Decide what items you want to keep, donate, or throw away. Utilize storage solutions, such as bins or baskets, to help keep your belongings organized and easily accessible.

Cleaning the Kitchen

The kitchen is often one of the messiest areas in an apartment, so it’s important to give it a thorough cleaning. Start by emptying and cleaning out your refrigerator. Remove all the food and wipe down the shelves and drawers. Don’t forget to also clean your kitchen appliances, such as the microwave, oven, and toaster. Use appropriate cleaning solutions and scrub away any grime or stains.

After taking care of the appliances, move on to scrubbing the countertops and sink. Use a surface cleaner or a mixture of warm water and dish soap to remove any dirt or food residue. Pay close attention to the faucet, as it tends to accumulate soap scum and grime. Rinse everything well and dry with a clean cloth.

How Do You Clean A Super Messy Apartment?

Cleaning the Bathroom

Cleaning the bathroom is often a daunting task, especially if there is mold and mildew present. Start by removing any visible mold or mildew using a bathroom cleaner or a mixture of vinegar and water. Scrub any affected areas carefully, focusing on tile grout, shower curtains, and any corners where mold might hide.

Next, clean the toilet. Use a toilet bowl cleaner and a toilet brush to scrub the inside of the bowl and remove any stains. Don’t forget to clean the toilet seat and the base as well.

To tackle the shower and bathtub, use a mildew-fighting cleaner and a scrub brush. Pay attention to the grout, corners, and any soap scum build-up. Rinse everything thoroughly and wipe dry. Don’t forget to clean the showerhead using a mixture of vinegar and water to remove any mineral deposits.

Cleaning the Living Area

The living area is where you likely spend a lot of your time, so it’s important to keep it clean and inviting. Start by vacuuming and dusting your furniture. Use an appropriate attachment to vacuum upholstered furniture, removing any crumbs, pet hair, or dust. Dust wooden furniture with a microfiber cloth, ensuring you reach all the nooks and crannies.

Next, clean the windows and mirrors. Use a glass cleaner or a mixture of vinegar and water to remove any smudges or fingerprints. Take your time to clean both the inside and outside of the windows to ensure a streak-free finish.

Wipe down surfaces such as coffee tables, side tables, and shelves with a cleaning solution appropriate for the material. Remove any items before wiping to ensure a thorough and efficient cleaning process.

Cleaning the Bedroom

Your bedroom should be a peaceful and clean space to relax in. Start by washing your bedding and curtains. Follow the care instructions on the labels to ensure proper cleaning. Remove and wash any pillowcases, sheets, duvet covers, and curtains. Hang or iron them once they’re dry to eliminate wrinkles.

Organize your closet and dresser, removing any items you no longer need or want. Use storage solutions such as bins, drawer dividers, or shoe racks to keep your belongings tidy. Donate any clothes that are in good condition but no longer serve a purpose for you.

Dust and clean your bedroom furniture, including nightstands, dressers, and lamps. Use a microfiber cloth to remove any dust or dirt, and consider using a furniture polish to give them a nice shine.

Floor Cleaning

Now it’s time to tackle the floors in your apartment. Start by sweeping and mopping hard floors. Using a broom or a vacuum cleaner with a hard floor attachment, remove any loose dirt or debris. Mop the floors using a suitable cleaner and follow the instructions on the packaging. Pay extra attention to high-traffic areas or any sticky spills.

Next, vacuum any carpets or rugs thoroughly. Use different attachments to reach every corner and crevice. Consider rotating or flipping your rugs to even out wear and tear. Spot clean any stains using an appropriate carpet cleaner or a mixture of warm water and dish soap.

Dealing with Odors

Unpleasant odors can quickly ruin the clean and fresh feeling of your apartment. Start by identifying and removing the sources of the odors. Empty the trash regularly, clean out the fridge, and ensure that dirty laundry is properly stored. If necessary, use odor-neutralizing products such as air fresheners or baking soda to eliminate lingering smells.

To freshen up the air in your apartment, open windows and allow for proper ventilation. This will help circulate fresh air and remove any stagnant or stale odors. Consider using fans or air purifiers to further improve air quality.

Tackling Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is an important step in ensuring your apartment is truly clean and free of hidden dirt and grime. Start by cleaning windows and blinds. Use a glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth to remove any built-up dust and stains. Wipe down blinds, both horizontally and vertically, to remove any dust or dirt that may have settled.

Wash the walls and baseboards using a mild detergent and warm water. Scrub carefully to remove any marks or stains, especially in high-traffic areas. Don’t forget to dry the walls thoroughly to prevent any water damage.

Deep clean carpets by either renting a carpet cleaner or hiring a professional service, depending on your budget and preference. Follow the instructions provided with the equipment or consult a professional to ensure proper cleaning.

Wrapping Up

As you near the end of your cleaning journey, take the time to inspect and touch up any areas that may have been missed. Double-check the kitchen, bathroom, living area, bedroom, and floors to ensure they’re in top condition.

Dispose of any garbage properly, making sure to separate recyclables from regular trash. Consider donating any items that are gently used but no longer serve a purpose for you.

Lastly, establish a cleaning routine to maintain the cleanliness of your apartment. By incorporating regular cleaning habits into your schedule, you can prevent messes from getting out of hand and maintain a clean and organized living space.

Remember, cleaning a super messy apartment may require some time and effort, but the end result will be well worth it. Happy cleaning!

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