Cleaning your bathroom

Cleaning your bathroom

5 things you should include when cleaning your bathroom

Cleaning your bathroom should be a top priority  on your regular cleaning schedule,  even though we use the bathroom to keep ourselves and our family clean  the bathroom is one of the dirtiest rooms in the house, one of the other things we notice is that people are not cleaning their  bathrooms as often as the should, how often should i clean?     different cleaning jobs require cleaning to be carried out more often or less often, heavy traffic areas like  bathrooms and kitchens  should be carried out daily. 

1. Door handle

The bathroom door handle is one of the dirtiest things in the home, it is also one of the things that everyone forgets to clean when carrying out bathroom cleaning. Germs can stay on the surface of the door handle being passed on from person to person spreading bacteria germs and even things like cold and flu to people using the bathroom, to avoid the spread of germ and bacteria we need to include this in our regular cleaning schedule, clean using antibacterial cleaning wipes.

2. Light switches and pull lights

Along with the door handle the bathroom light switch is also prone to collecting germs and bacteria, it is inevitable that light switches will be touched by people using the bathroom yet is almost never cleaned while carrying our your regular cleaning schedule. To stop the spread of germs from your bathroom light switches or pull lights and to make sure they are clean and germ free you should clean them using an antibacterial cleaning wipe on a regular basis.

3. Shower curtain

Shower curtains are the perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria, we get out of the shower and many times we pull back the shower curtain leaving it bunched up, the heat and the moisture trapped inside the shower curtain not only harbours germs and bacteria it can also lead to mould growth. To avoid germs, bacteria and mould growth we need to allow the shower curtain to dry out, spraying it daily with bleach will stop any mould growth and kill any germs and bacteria, you can also take the shower curtain down and place it in the washing machine every other week while washing your bathmats.

4. Bathmats

Bath mats can get really grubby and dirty, daily traffic from dirty shoes added with the heat and moisture from normal bathroom usage can make bathroom mats dirtier than any other mats in the home, to make sure that your bathroom mats are clean and germ free you should wash them every other week at least, you can throw them in the washing machine with the regular shower curtain washing.

5. Toilet brush/holder

We use the toilet brush practically every day yet no one ever cleans them, I’ve seen some extremely neglected toilet brushes in my time because nobody thinks to clean them. It’s not just the toilet brush that needs to be cleaned the toilet brush holder also needs to be cleaned, when we clean the toilet with the brush we put in back in the holder toilet water then collects at the bottom of the holder harbouring all the nasty germs that live in the toilet bowl. Cleaning the toilet brush and the toilet brush holder should be carried out on a regular basis by soaking them in a bucket of bleach, this will kill any germs and bacteria that are living on and inside them.

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