End of Tenancy Cleaning Cardiff

End of tenancy cleaning Cardiff

what is it?

If you have rented a property, chances are there has been an end of tenancy cleaning Cardiff carried out on it at some point, either by the property owner or by the previous tenant. As a professional cleaning company, end of tenancy cleaning is one of our most popular cleaning services, it is a thorough cleaning service aimed at both tenants who rent properties and property owners. When you accept a rental agreement on a property, you are required to make a bond payment; this bond payment is an agreement with the property owner that you are going to keep the rental property clean and well maintained for your entire rental period. It is usually only returned to you if the property owner is happy that you have kept the property in the condition that it was before you moved in.

Why should I carry out an end of tenancy clean?

The majority of end of tenancy cleaning cardiff  is carried out in order for the landlord to release the bond, after your tenancy agreement ends. If the tenant has not kept the property clean and well maintained then the landlord can refuse to release the bond.  They can then use part of it or all of it to make the property suitable for the next tenant. You should try to arrange the clean yourself, your landlord is not going to be fussy on price when it comes to carrying out the clean (because your bond will cover it) and may end up paying over the odds. If you were to arrange the clean yourself you may be able to find a good cleaning company at a good price. You can request the property owner give you a copy of the receipt to show the amount that was paid for the cleaning service, but you do not have control over who he chooses or how much he pays.

Can my landlord force me to carry out an end of tenancy clean?

The simple answer is no, a landlord cannot force you to carry out an end of tenancy clean, be careful to read your tenancy agreement, your landlord may have included a clause in your agreement that states, you must carry out an end of tenancy cleaning Cardiff before you move out. Remember that even though your landlord cannot force you to carry out a professional end of tenancy cleaning cardiff, you are responsible for handing back the property in the state you received it and may lose your bond if you do not clean it sufficiently.

Who can carry out an end of tenancy clean?

Either you can carry out the clean yourself or you can pay a professional cleaning company do it for you. Many of our clients prefer to pay a professional than to do it themselves, one of the reasons is that a professional cleaning company usually specialises in these types of cleans and can tailor the clean to suit your needs, another reason is you simply do not have the time to carry out a through end of tenancy clean yourself.

How to carry out an end of tenancy clean

The two main areas of the house that get very grubby are the bathroom and the Kitchen. The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house, daily cooking produces lots of mess from burnt on food to spills and crumbs, not to mention the built up grease and the grime.

We almost always start in the kitchen, before you carry out the clean you should first remove everything from the kitchen so you have good access to be able to clean all of the surfaces ect, you may also want to purchase a de-greaser (sugar soap) to deal with any built up grease, soap and water just won’t shift it no matter how much elbow grease you use always start from the top and work your way down.

Starting with oven and hob

The oven and hob need to be a priority when it comes to end of tenancy cleaning. There is nothing worse than opening an oven door to find burnt on grease and grime where the last tenant has not cleaned it, it is also one of the most time consuming so ideally should be left over night.

Even though it is one of our most hated jobs to do, it is essential that you carry out an oven clean during your end of tenancy clean Cardiff, to keep costs down you can use our guide below and carry out the oven clean yourself.

To carry out an oven clean you will need;

  • An oven scraper knife (you can get these on the internet for around £2-£4)
  • A bottle of CIF oven cleaner
  • Kitchen roll
  • Bin liners
  • Rubber gloves
  1. Firstly, you will need to lay down a bin liner and some old newspapers on all of the surfaces you will be working on, and directly under the oven door, we want to make sure that the oven cleaning spray/solution is not exposed to any surfaces that could be damaged; the chemicals used are very strong in order to lift off that baked on grease and grime, so we want to protect our work area from any accidents.
  2. Remove the shelves and the shelf racks from the oven and place one at a time inside your bin liner, spraying each one with the CIF oven cleaner as you place them inside.
  3. Once you have sprayed all of the shelves, squeeze any excess air out of the bag, wrap the end of the liner in on its self and tuck it under to seal. Leave the shelves in the bag for as long as you can, preferably overnight. Every few hours tilt the bag from side to side and turn the bag over so that the oven cleaner gets onto all areas of the shelves and racks.
  4. Using the blade of your scraper knife you need remove as much of the built up food and grease from the interior of your oven and grill, not forgetting the glass, you should find it comes off quite easily.
  5. Next spray the oven, grill and glass with the oven cleaner making sure all the surfaces are covered, be careful to avoid the fan, heating elements and the door seals, once this is done shut the doors on the oven and grill and leave it sit for a few hours.
  6. Using kitchen roll wipe off all the excess oven cleaner and check to see if it’s removed all the build-up, if it hasn’t repeat the process again and leave for a few more hours, wiping off all the excess oven cleaner, dirt and grease.
  7. Fill a bowl with hot soapy water and using a dish cloth give it a thorough wipe over, making sure you remove any of the oven cleaner spray, this will avoid any fumes when you use the oven for the first time, after it has been cleaned.
  8. Now for the shelves, you will also want to protect the sink from any scratches or scrapes while you wash off the shelves, so you will need to lay a clean tea towel in the bottom of the sink. Fill it up with hot soapy water and wipe off one at a time. You may have some stubborn bits, but these will come off easily will a brillo pad. Dry them off and place back in the oven.
  9. Now you have cleaned your oven, it would be a shame to see it get mucky again. We recommend you invest in some oven liners (you can pick them up for less than a fiver) they will not only protect the bottom of your newly cleaned oven from any spillages, they will allow you to wait that little bit longer before you have to clean it again. Even better, they are reusable, so once they get a bit mucky you can easily take them out wash them, dry them and pop them back in the oven. If you do not have any oven liners to hand but want to be able to protect your newly cleaned oven, you can simply place some tin foil in the bottom and replace it for new once it gets mucky.

Next the kitchen cupboards

  • After you have emptied out all of the contents, start by cleaning the top, inside and the outside of the cupboards. Use a disinfectant or bleach and wipe thoroughly afterwards with a dry cloth.
  • Any easy to move appliances should be moved, vacuumed and mopped underneath
  • Make sure all appliances are cleaned inside and out, including the washing machine soap tray and the dishwasher filter
  • After you have emptied the fridge/freezer of its contents, removed all of the shelves and salad drawers and clean inside the fridge, you should switch it off at the mains and leave the door open to prevent any mould growth. Clean all of the shelves and salad drawers dry them thoroughly and put them back inside

Bathroom along with the kitchen the bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house, it is also the most neglected. The most challenging things we find while carrying out bathroom cleans is mould growth, we see it often around the base of showers, or around baths where the tiles end and the bath starts, and in the tile grout. Wet warm bathrooms are the perfect place for mould to grow. One of the other problems we face is soap scum, it builds up on shower screens and tiles and it can be really hard to shift, you want to make sure you use a product that specifically removes soap scum.

  • Everything in the bathroom needs to be cleaned thoroughly, paying extra attention to down behind the toilet and the sink as this is where lots of dirt, dust and urine collects
  • You should carry out lime scale removal on taps, shower heads, plugholes etc.
  • Remove any nasties from the plug hole as usually its clogged with masses of hair
  • Use bleach on tiles in and around the shower/bath to remove any mould
  • Clean tiles from top to bottom to remove soap build up, dirt and grime
  • Remove any cobwebs

Living room living rooms do not tend to be that dirty, however they do tend to get very dusty and if you have not pulled out that sofa in a long time, you may be shocked to find the amount of dirt, dust, pens, small change and kid’s toys that manage to get underneath it. You should carry out a thorough damp dusting with a bucket of hot soapy water with a splash of bleach, start by removing any items so you can clean thoroughly, once everything thing has been cleaned and dried you can polish with multi-purpose polish to remove any streaks or dust residue and return items to their place.

  • Any furniture that can be pulled out easily should be pulled out vacuumed and mopped behind and underneath
  • Skirting and wood work should be first wiped over with a damp cloth to remove any surface dust and then washed thoroughly with a clean cloth and hot soapy water
  • All picture frames, mirrors and ornaments should be removed wiped over with a damp cloth to remove any surface dust, polished and replaced
  • Using a feather duster make sure you get into every corner, then along ceilings to remove any cobwebs and across picture rails to remove any dust
  • Arrange to have sofas cleaned by a professional, you would be surprised how dirty the fabric can get, even after a couple of months, it will not only look good it will smell good too

Property maintenance 

 While many landlords can be laid back with regards to hanging pictures or mirrors etc, they may not want lots of screws or nails left in walls after you have removed all your personal possessions, so it is a good idea to remove the nails or screws and fill in the holes.  You can check with your landlord if they have any leftover paint that you could use once you have sanded down the patch repair.  It is also a good idea to touch up any stains or scuff marks as well; if the landlord is not happy they could redecorate and charge you for it.

window cleaning

Clean all the windows/glass doors on the inside. If you cannot reach the outside windows yourself, then you can call a local window cleaner to do it for you. If there are any broken or cracked windows, you should arrange to have them repaired by a professional, unless of course they were logged on the inventory list when you accepted the rental agreement.  If you have curtains that are washable you can wash them yourself, checking the manufacturers label for any safety precautions or you could take them to a dry cleaner to do them for you.

Carpet cleaning

Carpets should be cleaned by a professional, many people think that having a professional in to clean the carpets can be expensive when it is actually quite inexpensive, compared to the cost of replacing them. As with cleaning your carpets it is a good idea to have mattresses, and sofas steam cleaned before you leave, you can book this with the carpet cleaning company at the same time as your carpet clean.

Garden maintenance

This is usually your responsibility, making sure the garden is not over grown or covered in weeds is essential, the landlord could request you do it before you vacate the property or they could pay a professional to do it, which can be very expensive and will come out of your pocket.

If you do not have the time or the energy to carry out the end of tenancy cleaning yourself feel free to give Morgan Cleaning Services a call on 07833392404 and we will do it for you.

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